Cloud Costs... You can hope,
or you can KNOW

Cloud providers add, remove, and change what they offer almost every single day. If managing the variable nature of cloud costs is important to you, there are simply not enough humans in your enterprise to keep up with all of these changes and their associated costs. 
But what if you had complete cost and configuration catalogs from every cloud provider at your fingertips? And what if you could use that information to determine the best venue, configuration, license model, and price for your applications – all in minutes rather than months?
Join us for a webinar on April 28th where you’ll learn:
  • how you can know exactly what your apps will cost to run in the cloud, even before they deploy
  • how you can easily compare costs between cloud providers 
  • how you can quickly model the cost of migration and transformation scenarios to find the very best price for your required performance

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CloudGenera provides vendor-agnostic information technology analysis that allows organizations to choose the technology solution that best fits their needs. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, is internationally recognized as a thought leader in cloud transformation. The company’s highly visual software automates cloud decisioning for a clear view of available private, hybrid, and public cloud solutions, eliminating costly and error-prone manual evaluation methods and speeding enterprise time to digital transformation. With CloudGenera’s solutions, some of the world’s largest organizations have transformed their technology operations to realize the business benefits of clouds.

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