As an observer of the cloud market, one will notice that capabilities and prices for hybrid IT services can change weekly. Here are some things to consider across this year:

Many enterprises typically have a portion of the year when they do technical “retooling” and pay down technical debt. That will often be the only time they consider moving applications from one location to another. However, if an enterprise is already running in location X, they could be missing out on chances to optimize their spend or configuration.

Consider a two-prong approach where you look at optimizing where they already are while business is chaotic. (You’re running in AWS EC2 today. How will you know whether it makes sense to move up the stack to leverage RDS??) Then take a deeper look at the right place to run the applications when you can take a breather and prepare for the future. Apps may only move in Q4 (relocate) but you can optimize (remodel) in Q’s 1,2 and 3. Hence, relocate once a year and remodel once a quarter.

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