Here are the Top Cloud Comparison Trends for 2018

Some enterprises are still doing typical public cloud comparisons (AWS vs. Azure vs. Google vs. IBM) but many are also moving into more sophisticated analysis. Don’t let all cloud technology options overwhelm you. Start somewhere. Ask for help. Learn from the pitfalls others hit before you.

Here’s a quick list of comparisons we see becoming more popular in 2018.

  1. Azure OnDemand vs. Azure Reserved Instances (RI’s)
  2. AWS OnDemand vs. AWS RI’s
  3. AWS RI’s vs. Azure RI’s
  4. Azure vs. AzureStack
  5. AWS vs. OnPrem options (Synergy, Nutanix, Simplivity, VXRail, etc)
  6. AWS vs. VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS
  7. Current OnPrem footprint vs. AWS / Azure / Google / IBM vs. other options (Managed service provider or Regional cloud provider)
  8. “Moving on Up” (Not the Jefferson’s Theme song but moving up the stack from IaaS to PaaS and Microservice options).
  9. VM-based architecture vs. “Serverless” options
  10. Platform changes – (Our firm typically runs “X” database or platform “Y” but I’m open to other compatible / alternative options. Show me what’s possible).

Reach out if your firm could use a hand with these comparisons. Our vast repository of market data, user data and historical trends will help us shed light on which options can really help your business in 2018. We can help most firms get on track to creating a plan of attack in about an hour.