Navigating Reserved Instances in Public Cloud Providers.

We presented a webinar on how to navigate reserved instances in public cloud on March 15th. 

CloudGenera excels at providing vendor-agnostic analysis.  We are the best place to find relevant information on reserved instances from AWS, Azure and Google in one location. Many enterprises overestimate the impact of reserved instances for some services and underestimate how much they can save for other services. The market is flooded with savings opportunities that are hiding in plain site.  CloudGenera’s platform and data service are the best way to move quickly from information to clarity to insight.

We look at an example in the webinar around large compute instances where a company could save in excess of $200k for a single instance. Consider CloudGenera when you need to move beyond the cost calculators on many public provider websites.  We provide analytics that span SLA, Security, Technology and Costs to help you understand overall value. 

Here’s the least you need to know from the webinar: