April Webinar Recap

The VMware cloud on AWS We presented a webinar on VMC on AWS April 19th.  The VMware cloud on AWS was a major theme at both VMworld and AWS Re:invent.

March Webinar Recap

Navigating Reserved Instances in Public Cloud Providers. We presented a webinar on how to navigate reserved instances in public cloud on March 15th. 

How Much Change Can You Handle?

Change is keeping many of us up at night. It’s everywhere and it’s happening faster and faster in almost every area of our lives. People used to push back against change (just because) but now the pendulum has swung the other way. We change just because we fear turning into a dinosaur if we don’t […]

The Alliteration of Cloud Transformation

People are focused on transformation everywhere you look. Digital, workforce and particularly cloud transformation. Unfortunately, many of the people telling the story of what’s involved in transformation are using too many buzzwords and talking over people’s heads. Transformation is complicated enough.

New Leadership for a New Year

The good news is that you made it through 2016 and have a chance to take on new challenges in 2017. As I reflected on 2016 the past couple weeks, one of the things I’m most thankful for is that I have a chance to serve in two organizations that both value servant leadership. The […]