Google’s hybrid cloud platform Anthos hits general availability for AWS, in preview for Azure and Amazon Vice President of cloud computing quit over firing of employees. This and more for the least you need to know about cloud for the month of April.


CTO Advisor Virtual Conference 4.21.2020: Public Cloud Workload Repatriation

In this expert panel, guests Bobby Allen, Jo Peterson, Tim Crawford, and Matt Wallace tackle the concept of public cloud workload repatriation.

Amazon Web Services

• 14 ways AWS beats Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud:

The reason is simple: AWS has built out so many products and services that it’s impossible to begin to discuss them in a single article or even a book. Many of them were amazing innovations when they first appeared and the hits keep coming. Read More

• Amazon’s cloud generated over $10 billion in net quarterly sales for the first time ever — up 33% from a year ago. Read More

• An Amazon Vice President Quit Over Firings of Employees Who Protested:

Tim Bray, an engineer who had been a vice president of Amazon’s cloud computing arm, said the firings were “evidence of a vein of toxicity running through the company culture.” Read More

Microsoft Azure 

• Microsoft beefs up Azure’s Kubernetes features and Red Hat integrations:

The two companies are making it easier to manage open source Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)-based applications using tools such as Microsoft’s Azure Arc. In addition, enhancements when using the Azure Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes application platform were announced. Read More

• Intel Provides Trusted Foundation for Azure Confidential Computing. Read More

Google Cloud 

Google Outpaces Microsoft, Amazon in Cloud-Revenue Growth at 52%. Read More

• New Las Vegas cloud region tops Google at 23 regions worldwide:

The Las Vegas region will provide business continuity, allowing US customers to distribute workloads across four western regions – Los Angeles, Oregon, Salt Lake City, and now Las Vegas. Like all regions on Google Cloud, the region has three availability zones, which means separate data centers with their own power and cooling, directly connected with fiber. Read More

• Google’s hybrid cloud platform Anthos hits general availability for AWS, in preview for Azure. Read More


• Red Hat Adds Tools for ‘Open Hybrid Cloud’:

Red Hat said 31 percent of its growing roster of customers are deploying hybrid clouds. Hence, the IBM unit sees another opportunity to leverage those Linux-based tools to “bridge traditional datacenter technologies to the hybrid cloud world,” according to Red Hat CEO Paul Cormier. Read More


• Oracle Cloud Debuts Bare Metal Instances with Up to 128 AMD Epyc Rome Cores:

Oracle maintains this is the highest core count for a bare metal instance on any public cloud, and the memory bandwidth is well suited for both general-purpose and high-bandwidth workloads, such as big data analytics and business applications. Read More

• Zoom chooses Oracle IaaS as core cloud infrastructure provider. Read More

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