CloudTalk | May 2020

EC2 price reduction, already in effect, could save you between 1% to a massive 18% on what you were previously paying and Oracle acquires a substantial early-stage Kubernetes security vendor Octarine. This and more for the least you need to know about cloud for the month of May.


Amazon Web Services

• AWS EC2 Price Reduction:

The price changes are already in effect and depend on the region you choose, whether you take out a 1 or 3 year term, and finally the instance family you commit to in your agreement. Price reductions vary from between 1% to a massive 18% on what you were previously paying. Read More

• Amazon Kendra is Now Generally Available. Read More

Microsoft Azure 

• Microsoft and Docker collaborate on new ways to deploy containers on Azure:

Docker Desktop built-in tools, features, and command-line utilities will provide a way to natively set Azure as a context to run containers in the cloud with context and run in Azure containers in a few simple commands. Read More

• The next evolution of Azure VMware Solution. Read More

Google Cloud 

• Manage logs from multiple clouds and on-premises workloads together. Read More

• Operate more efficiently and reduce your costs with the cloud:

Leaders are finding they need to make tough decisions about what projects to prioritize and how to allocate resources. Cloud technologies are playing an increasingly central role in supporting businesses as they focus on prioritization and operational efficiency. Read More

• Google Cloud Functions adds support for Java 11. Read More


• Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud:

Red Hat® OpenShift on IBM Cloud™ is a fully managed OpenShift service that leverages the enterprise scale and security of IBM Cloud, so you can focus on growing applications, not scaling the master. Read More


• VMware To Acquire Kubernetes Security Startup Octarine:

VMware plans to buy early-stage Kubernetes security vendor Octarine to simplify DevSecOps and enable cloud native environments to be intrinsically secure from development through runtime. Read More

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