VMC on AWS goes to Europe and lots of Dropbox action – Here’s the least you need to know about cloud for the week.


77 days to GDPR deadline
New DDoS extortion attacks hitting the Internet
Migrating to public cloud securely
State of PA sues Uber for delayed reporting of data breach


Expands VMware Cloud on AWS to London region
Polly text-to-speech service now available in GovCloud region
RDS for SQL Server Increases the Maximum Provisioned IOPS
Drops Nest products from store in battle with Google


Google wants its AMP web-speeding technology to become a mobile standard
Unveiled 72-qubit square array Bristlecone quantum processor
VMware’s GM for networking and security jumps to Google


Releases government cloud editions of Microsoft 365 and Azure Stack
Azure Migrate now generally available, for migrating from VMware to Azure
McAfee launches Azure cloud security solution


IBM’s PAIRS Geoscope aims to be search for geospatial big data


(yes, they get an entire section this week)

Dropbox and Salesforce for strategic partnership
Saved $75M by moving out of cloud, but could you? (We can give you real answers)
Plans 6 new infrastructure locations to boost speeds
Announces partnership with Google Cloud


McAfee buys TunnelBear VPN service
Facebook sees 24% decline in per person usage
Moving to cloud to cut costs might backfire (we demistify this probelm)
Kubernetes first to graduate from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation open source program

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