CloudTalk | Week of 02.14.2020

AWS Local Zones offers low latency, with clear limitations, and Google Cloud Config Connector treats cloud services like kubernetes resources. This and more for the least you need to know about cloud this week.

CloudAdopt™ Insights
CloudGenera Service Providers In 2019 CloudGenera went from 20 AWS managed catalogs to 120 AWS managed catalogs. We have virtually every region, contract length, and tenancy option offered by AWS running and managed by our proprietary automated data intake system.In 2019 we went from 21 Azure managed catalogs to 68 Azure managed catalogs. Every permutation and combination that customers need to find is here, at CloudGenera.

Amazon Web Services
• AWS Local Zones (still in preview) offers low latency, with clear limitations.
Local Zones essentially provides faster access to these specific Amazon cloud services for users of latency-sensitive applications that are relatively far from the primary data centers in an AWS Region.
Read More • Amazon EC2 Hibernation for On-Demand and Reserved Instances through AWS CloudFormation. Read More
Microsoft Azure 

• Microsoft aims to remake Secure Score into ‘Killer’ App for orgs.

An upcoming preview release of Microsoft Secure Score promises to bring changes to the security assessment product that will make it more meaningful for organizations.
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Google Cloud 
• Google completes $2.6 billion Looker acquisition. Read More. • New Google Cloud Config Connector treats cloud services like kubernetes resources
Once installed into a Kubernetes cluster, it allows users to configures services, such as databases and virtual machines, as if they were native Kubernetes resources.
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• New FlashSystem Family Replaces Storwize, A9000 Lines

IBM is jumping ahead of rivals like Dell Technologies and HPE by replacing multiple incompatible storage families with a single new family, which is scalable from entry-level to enterprise.

Read More. • Due to the adoption of kubernetes, IBM Cloud CTO sees cloud-native rising. Read More

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