Microsoft to introduce a free tier of its Cosmos DB NoSQL database and Google kubernetes engine price change sparks discontent. This and more for the least you need to know about cloud this week.

Amazon Web Services

• Announcing column-level access control for Amazon Redshift.

Customers can use column-level grant and revoke statements to help them meet their security and compliance needs.

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• Simple Patch lets Amazon’s EC2 Linux Network Driver start ~90x faster. Read More

Mission now providing SMBs with managed data & analytics platform for AWS. Read More

Microsoft Azure 

• Microsoft to introduce a free tier of its Cosmos DB NoSQL database.

Microsoft is planning to introduce on March 6 a new free tier for Azure Cosmos DB, its multi-model, globally distributed cloud database.

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• Microsoft ships preview of cluster-friendly cloud disks. Read More

• Azure Sphere, a secure IoT platform, reaches general availability. Read More

Google Cloud 

• Google kubernetes engine price change sparks discontent. Read More

• Google Cloud and T-Systems team up on managed services for businesses

The new partnership also includes Deutsche Telekom-owned T-Systems providing consulting services and migration support for enterprise customers that are tapping into Google Cloud’s capabilities.

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• Google Cloud announces four new regions as it expands its global footprint. Read More


• IBM has released X-Force Threat Management (XFTM) services for IoT and OT environments.

Security teams can use the XFTM services to identify, track and manage threats across IoT and OT environments. They also can use the services to gain insights into IoT and OT network devices and secure them accordingly.

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• IBM focuses on channel opportunities after Red Hat buyout. Read More


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