Amazon introduces a Linux-Based OS for container hosting and Google announces beta launch of Cloud AI Platform Pipelines. This and more for the least you need to know about cloud this week.

Tech & Cloud shows affected by COVID-19

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Amazon Web Services

• Amazon introduces a Linux-Based OS for container hosting.

Bottlerocket reflects much of what we have learned over the years. It includes only the packages that are needed to make it a great container host, and integrates with existing container orchestrators.

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• AWS announces support for PyTorch with Amazon Elastic Inference. Read More

• AWS savings plans: What they are and why you should care. Read More

Microsoft Azure 

• Azure security dashboard now covers Kubernetes service – at a price.

The Azure Security Center is a dashboard which inspects your various services and makes automated recommendations using the concept of “Secure Score”, in a similar manner to the Microsoft Secure Score in Office 365.

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Google Cloud 

• Google announces beta launch of Cloud AI Platform Pipelines. Read More

• Google Cloud introduced new security tools to fight cyber-attacks.

Google parent company Alphabet created Chronicle in 2018. Chronicle is an enterprise security company and It uses machine learning tools to analyze massive volumes of data.

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• IBM’s main asset is that it can sell Red Hat’s offerings.

Red Hat acquisition is absolutely a saving grace as a leader in configuration of cloud solutions and provision of the OS to run them.

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• Infosys and IBM collaborate to help accelerate digital transformation. Read More


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