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Microsoft cloud outage hits users around the world

Only services in China and its platform for governments were not hit


Dell acquires Cloud services startup Cloudify for ‘$100 million’

Dell Technologies has acquired Israeli startup Cloudify, known for cloud orchestration and infrastructure automation.


IQVIA in Collaboration with Alibaba Cloud to Deliver Commercial & Clinical Solutions in China


Zurich Selects AWS to Accelerate Digital Transformation and Deliver New Customer Experiences at Scale


Virtana Research: 94% of IT Leaders Report Cloud Storage Costs Are Rising; 54% Confirm Storage Spend is Growing Faster Compared to Overall Cloud Costs

91% of IT leaders also said that supply chain challenges are having an impact on their storage and/or IT equipment that supports storage systems, and 49% revealed the impact has been significant


Using Hybrid Cloud To Meet The Challenges Of Modernizing Data Architectures

How can organizations continue to have their own private, on-premises IT infrastructure for their most mission critical data and systems, while also bringing in public cloud resource using a hybrid data architecture


Red Hat strikes deal to expand Enterprise Linux to Oracle Cloud

Deal could be significant for both companies with Red Hat’s growth in cloud-related services aleady helping drive sales growth at owner IBM and Oracle providing one of the largest cloud service offerings


Microsoft deepens commitment to OpenAI in Azure cloud and enterprise products with reported $10B stake

The budding romance between Microsoft Corp. and red-hot startup OpenAI LLC has grown cozier 



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