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Supercloud, multi-cloud, bigly cloud?

Supercloud is gaining support albeit with confusion and some disagreement among experts over the term


Here comes the supercloud: What does it mean for multi-cloud complexity?

A new concept for cloud networking aims to bring clarity to multi-cloud and bring the true aspirational path we were all promised. Except it’s not that new


Redox and Google Cloud Partner to Accelerate Healthcare Data Interoperability

Redox Healthcare Integration unlocks data trapped in legacy formats for health plans, providers, and digital health organizations around the world


The EPA Deploys Relativity’s SaaS Platform as its Cloud Solution for FOIA Requests

EPA’s eDiscovery Division leverages RelativityOne Government for responding to litigation, Congressional Requests and FOIA matters, and the ongoing work by Relativity and Deloitte is not associated with EPA’s FOIAonline or EPA’s National FOIA Office


AWS has been signed up to help power the next big AI model

AWS and Hugging Face want to take on OpenAI


Google and Uber Deepen Partnership to Reimagine the Customer Experience


How layoffs at Google could affect enterprise cloud services

Analysts are debating what effect the layoffs at Alphabet will have on the delivery of enterprise cloud services at its Google subsidiary, while investors call for deeper cuts


Tencent Cloud goes loud on metaverse, coy on ChatGPT plans



Google Cloud partners with Tezos blockchain to bring web3 technology to its customers

An ecosystem with a reputation in institutional and B2B onboarding plans adding “jet fuel and octane” to its plans


OpenAI’s Foundry will let customers buy dedicated compute to run its AI models

Said to be designed for cutting-edge customers running larger workloads


Cloud preferred deployment method to address supply chain challenges

Expecting a growing number of organizations to adopt the cloud for mission-critical business processes including labeling


98% of firms using public cloud adopt multi-cloud infrastructure provider strategy

Surveys point out 98% of enterprises are using or plan to use at least two cloud infrastructure providers and 31% are using four or more


IBM Builds an AI Supercomputer on the Cheap in its Cloud

Close to bare metal performance through exposing all node capabilities into the VM so that virtualization overhead is less than 5%, and faithfully representing all devices and their connectivity inside the VM, how GPUs are connected to the CPU sockets, and how GPUs connect to each other


Save $7 million on cloud by spending $600k on servers, says 37Signals’ David Heinemeier Hansson

Not doing the sums on repatriation is ‘financial malpractice at this point’


Broadcom, VMware extend deadline to complete acquisition by 90 days

The companies have now given themselves until May 26, 2023, to complete Broadcom’s $61 billion acquisition of VMware


AWS boosts its infrastructure for memory-intensive tasks

AWS claims its new Amazon EC2 M7g and R7g instances provide 25% better performance vs. the past generation of instances


Multicloud: Keep providers separate and distinct or integrate them?

A multicloud infrastructure strategy can maximize the flexibility of enterprise IT staff, isolate workloads, and increase agility, but there may be overriding circumstances

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