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DigitalOcean delivers a profit that tops Wall Street’s expectations

Developers can deploy application code in production with just a few clicks


VMware user group chief: Broadcom acquisition is a good thing

The company is serious about building a balanced hardware and software portfolio


Canonical adds .NET to Ubuntu 22.04

Canonical is incorporating Microsoft’s ASP.NET and .NET SDK into its latest Long Term Support version of Ubuntu.


Impact to DigitalOcean customers resulting from Mailchimp security incident

August 8th, 2022 transactional emails from our platform, delivered through Mailchimp, stopped reaching our customers’ inboxes


Broadcom debuts new high-speed networking chip for data centers

Since Tomahawk 1 introduction Broadcom said to consistently execute on doubling the bandwidth approximately every two years


Cloudian expands product portfolio with new HyperBalance load balancer

New load balancer that companies can use to optimize their storage infrastructure


Microsoft Azure cloud region settles over desert in Doha, Qatar

Opening was delayed during that pandemic thing


Alibaba Cloud, Deloitte set up China facility to drive automotive applications

Chinese cloud vendor teams up with Deloitte China to launch a centre that focuses on developing applications for the automobile sector, which they say will include autonomous driving and smart manufacturing.


Informatica CEO Amit Walia says company’s pivot to the cloud is complete

Company went from being a single-product on-prem company to multicloud, multiplatform company


Cybersecurity innovation on full display at Black Hat

Top seven innovators at Black Hat this year identified


Brainstorming supercloud with tech leaders VMware, Snowflake, Databricks and more

Discussions unpacked with technology leaders who apply their input to iterate the definition of supercloud


VMware offers cloudy upgrade lifeline to legacy vCenter users

But warns ‘upcoming major release of vSphere’ will break some plugins


Higher risks and premiums are creating critical gap in cyber insurance

Most organizations don’t have the financial resources necessary to address ransomware and other cyberattacks, BlackBerry says


AWS and Splunk partner for faster cyberattack response

OCSF initiative will give enterprise security teams an open standard for moving and analyzing threat data


Intel develops new chip technology to block hardware-based cyberattacks

New chip technology is known as TRC, or Tunable Replica Circuit can automatically detect several common types of hardware-based cyberattacks


Snowflake kickstarts supercloud concept with Snowgrid cross-cloud connectivity

Regions are connected; meshed together with Snowflake/Snowgrid technology


Amazon debuts new data storage capabilities at AWS Storage Day

New feature makes it simpler to create “multivolume snapshots” of specific EBS volumes linked to a single Amazon EC2 instance


Google Cloud expands to Thailand, Malaysia and New Zealand

Hopes to tap expected growth as it levels up to match rivals’ presences


Cisco hacked by cybercrooks

Employee tricked into handing over sensitive information


Scoop: Oracle begins auditing TikTok’s algorithms

TikTok’s algorithms and content moderation models being vetted to ensure they aren’t manipulated by Chinese authorities

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