CloudTalk | Week of Oct 9th, 2017

Here at CloudGenera, we’ve kicked off a regular series of updates to keep you in the loop on the least you need to know. If you have trouble keeping up with all the relevant updates in Cloud Computing and adjacent spaces, this will be a great place to get a collection of the information worth exploring further.
  • Partners with Puppet to ease migration to cloud (link)
  • Commits $1 billion in grants and 1 million volunteer hours to nonprofits, launches Grow with Google (link)
  • Will be operating on 100% renewable energy in 2017 (link)
  • Working with Rolls Royce using AI for autonomous ships (link)
  • Partners with Amazon to build Gluon, a deep learning library that enables machine learning modeling (link)
  • Office 365 adoption running ahead of schedule, plans deeper integration with LinkedIn (link)
  • Edge browser now in testing on iOS and Android (link)
  • Buys 15 years of wind power from GE wind farm in Ireland (link)
  • Selected by GE as preferred cloud provider (link)
  • Selected to for UK law enforcement infrastructure (link)
  • Zilliqa blockchain hits 2488 transactions per second using all 3600 EC2 instances available in Singapore region within category required (link)
  • Amazon, Samsung and Ingram Micro team up to bring Windows 10 to Samsung smartphones using Workspaces (link)
  • Hackers mine bitcoin with AWS resources (link)
  • Misconfigured S3 exposes 2.2 million+ Dow Jones client records (link) and Accenture sensitive data (link)
  • Elastic GPUs added to two new regions, now support OpenGL 4.0 (link)
  • AWS Database Migration Service adds Amazon S3 and Azure SQL Database as sources (link)
  • AWS Marketplace offers private pricing for partners (link)
  • Launches “availability domain” in Frankfurt, first outside of US, more to come in UK (link)
  • Bitcoin passed $5000 per coin (link)
  • Alibaba Cloud will offer Red Hat products (link)
  • Facebook building enterprise stack with @Workplace, Messenger, and Oculus (link)
  • Cloud Foundry announces online marketplace called the Foundry (link)