Amazon S3 suffers an unspecified breakdown on Tuesday, and Google has changed the way VMs are converted to containers. This and more for your week in cloud. 

AWS News

• AWS addresses the challenges that come with serverless. Read Now.

• Securely build and operate with these 3 new offering. Read More.

• Amazon S3 suffers an unspecified breakdown on Tuesday.

“Since Amazon hasn’t said exactly what is happening yet, it’s hard to know just how serious the outage is. “We do know it’s bad,” Mogull said. “We just don’t know how bad.”

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• Amazon announced a series of enhancements and updates to Amazon Redshift. Read More.

Google Cloud News

• Google Cloud announces the launch of its new E2 family of compute instances Read More.

• Bare-metal initiative targets migrating legacy apps from on-prem. Read More.

• Google has changed the way VMs are converted to containers. Read More.

Microsoft Azure News

Azure stealthily implements omni-cloud features that mirror those AWS loudly proclaims

“Amazon’s ‘AWS-everywhere’ vision isn’t unique; Microsoft is doing something very similar with Azure and Azure Stack, just not as brashly.”

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• Microsoft plays ‘Spot the Azure VM that can disappear anytime’Read More.

• LinkedIn moves to the cloud and chooses Microsoft. Read More.

IBM News

• IBM cloud will drive cash flows and dividends. Read More.

• IBM AI innovations sharpen risk detection in Identity Management. Read More.

• IBM’s cloud ambitions see over 1K direct clients pushed to partners. Read More.


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