While AWS seems to hold the most comfortable marketplace lead, executives are increasingly choosing Azure’s platform. This and more for the least you need to know about cloud this week. 

CloudGenera News and Insights

• Entrepreneur.com released an article a few days ago that It’s Time to Prepare for a Multi-Cloud FutureWe here at CloudGenera have been preparing our customers and partners for this, for years. The importance of a multi-cloud strategy includes a right mix of on-premises as well as off-premises investments based upon application and business requirements. To succeed with a multi-cloud strategy, organizations will need to invest in packaging, automation, and tooling that provides continuous optimization through intelligent workload placement and decouples applications from the infrastructure that supports them. A sound multi-cloud strategy will ensure the right competitive motivation in the market. The future is multi-cloud. The future is now. The BluePrint for Cloud Success.

• Charlotte Tech Company Hopes Historic Site Attracts Millennial Talent: Video 

AWS News

• AWS security faces challenges after a decade of dominance. Read Now.

• Amazon issues urgent warning for users of AWS Aurora, DocumentDB, and RDS databases to download and install a fresh certificate and rotate the certificate authority. Read More.

• Amazon Web Services battle with Azure will only intensify in 2020

“Of the 100 executives surveyed, some 56 said they were using Azure for cloud infrastructure, versus 48 for AWS.”

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• AWS buys Silicon Valley site previously slated to become data center. Read More.

Google Cloud News

• Google launches instant access Cloud Archive. Read More.

• It’s time to buy Alphabet stock, analyst says. Here’s why. Read More.

Microsoft Azure News

• Total cost of ownership of Azure AD

“On its face, Azure AD might seem like a replacement for on-prem AD or a cloud-based solution for organizations in need of a directory service, but more factors come into play for IT admins making purchasing decisions.”

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• Microsoft Azure is set to pass Amazon Web Services in salesRead More.

IBM News

• IBM is working with over 100 organizations to advance Practical Quantum Computing. Read More.

• IBM opens 2 data centres for cloud services in UAE. Read More.


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