AWS slashes prices for Elastic Kubernetes Service and Google offers IBM AS/400 apps new home in its cloud. This and more for the least you need to know about cloud this week. 

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A message from CloudGenera’s CTO: Yes there are tons of services in cloud providers like AWS. Just remember that 80% or more of what major enterprises consume is pretty basic – EC2, RDS and storage (EBS, EFS, S3). Microservices can be good but “paying by the drink” still makes executives very nervous. “Born in the cloud” companies are very different from legacy companies decades worth of data and technical debt.

An important question to ponder while you speak to execs, “Do they fear having a high (spending) floor or having an undefined ceiling?” What scares many execs is that public cloud can go as low as $0 but there is no limit to how expensive things can get if you “leave the spigot on”. Costs in a data center may have inefficient spending baselines (overhead) but there is a limit to the resources you can burn through.

AWS News

• AWS Sydney region suffers API ‘errors and latencies’. Read More

• Hybrid AWS Outposts offering extended to seven new regions. Read More

• AWS slashes prices for Elastic Kubernetes Service, CloudEndure DR.

 On 20 January, AWS revealed it would reduce the price of its DR service, which continuously replicates users’ machines into a low-cost staging area in their specified AWS account and preferred region, by 80 per cent.

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• Exposed AWS buckets again implicated in multiple data leaks. Read More

Google Cloud News

• Google Cloud gets a secret manager. Read More

• Google Launches Power Systems Cloud, But Not Yet for IBM i.

Google last week officially unveiled IBM Power Systems for Google Cloud, a new infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offering that will allow customers to run AIX, Linux, and IBM i workloads and manage it from their familiar Google Cloud accounts.

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• Google Cloud Intensifies Battles Against Microsoft, Amazon with 4 Key Moves. Read More

Microsoft Azure News

• Azure Cloud Storage Solution Supports Ultra-Demanding Workloads.

The Azure Ultra Disk Storage cloud storage solution is designed to provide extreme throughput and sub-millisecond latency.

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• Microsoft to launch its first cloud region in Israel in 2021Read More.

IBM News

• IBM: accelerating digital in the supply chain. Read More.

• Google offers IBM AS/400 apps new home in its cloud.

Enterprises looking for a way to modernize legacy AS/400 workloads now have a new option: Move them onto Google Cloud Platform.

Google won’t host your old AS/400 for you, but it is renting time on IBM Power Systems servers, the AS/400’s architectural successors.

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