Microsoft is beefing up its Azure cloud IoT platform and Amazon is saying nothing about the DDoS attack that took down AWS, but others are. This and more for your week in CloudTalk. 

Microsoft Azure News

• Insight Launches New Services to Modernize Security Operations with Microsoft Azure Sentinel.

” Insight Managed Security Services for Microsoft Sentinel provide threat detection and reporting, including 24×7 monitoring of Azure Sentinel alerts and automated threat notification and response. ” Read More.

Microsoft is beefing up its Azure cloud IoT platform in bid to threaten AWS’s dominance.

” Microsoft could chip away at Amazon Web Services general cloud market share by continuing to add features to Azure IoT. ” Read More.

Google Cloud News

• Google announces TensorFlow Enterprise for large-scale machine learning. Read More.

• Google Cloud announces general availability of G Suite desktop management, context-aware access control, and automated security alerts.

” The company announced the new Google Cloud and G Suite features after yesterday reporting mixed third quarter earnings, but strong growth from Google Cloud Platform and growth in G Suite due to higher pricing and more seats. ” Read More.

• Google Cloud AI Platform updates make it ‘faster and more flexible’. Read More.

AWS News

• If You Use AWS RIs, You Need to Use the New Queuing Option.

” The AWS reserved instance (AWS RI) offerings got a recent upgrade with the release of a “queue” function. ” Read More

• Amazon is saying nothing about the DDoS attack that took down AWS, but others areRead More.

IBM News

How IBM Cloud Paks Enable Enterprises To Modernize Their Workloads.

IBM Cloud Paks deliver a containerized software solution to build contemporary cloud-native applications as well as to modernize traditional applications. ” Read More.

• IBM to expand cloud capabilities in Canada. Read More.


• Exposed: The cost of errors in the public cloud.

” This series aims to break down the big cloud-security breach risks and how to protect against them, starting with a new twist on public Amazon S3 bucket exposure. ” Read More.


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