New savings plans for AWS Compute Services and Microsoft unveils Azure Arc, which can operate in AWS and Google Cloud. This and more for your week in cloud. 

AWS News

New – Savings Plans for AWS Compute Services.

“Unfortunately, the SaaS companies that built their businesses around managing RI purchasing on your behalf could not be reached for comment at press time. They were too busy sobbing into their AWS Partner Network Agreements.

To be honest, I kinda feel bad for VMware’s purchase of CloudHealth and Apptio’s purchase of Cloudability, both of which just presumptively lost massive market value with this one change.” – Corey Quinn Read More.

“This slide is now even more relevant. Enterprises who ignore the pricing model analysis will waste resources.” – Bobby Allen, CloudGenera CTO

Now Available: New C5d Instance Sizes and Bare Metal Instances.

• Machine-Scale Data Protection Capabilities Launched in the AWS Marketplace. Read More.

Google Cloud News

• How Google Cloud’s Partnership With HCL Will Scale Enterprise Cloud Adoption. Read More.

• Google makes its Cloud AutoML service available on Kaggle:

“By integrating Cloud AutoML with Kaggle, Google said it’s advancing its mission to ’empower our community of data scientists by providing them with the skills and tools they need to lead in their field.'” Read More.

• Google Introduces TensorFlow Enterprise in Beta. Read More.

Microsoft Azure News

• Microsoft unveils Azure Arc, which can operate in AWS and Google Cloud:

We are offering our customers the ability to take their services, untethered from Azure, and run them inside their own datacenter or in another cloud.” Read More

• At Ignite, Microsoft convincingly addresses the multicloud imperativeRead More.

• New Azure virtual machines powered by AMD EPYC. Read More.

Ignite 2019: Microsoft emphasizes strategic value, technical growth of Azure.

IBM News

• IBM Develops Financial Services-Ready Public Cloud. Read More.

IBM Speeds Enterprises Hybrid Cloud Adoption and Innovation by Extending Partnership with VMware:

“Through new and updated technology offerings, IBM is making it easier than ever for enterprises of all sizes to more securely move VMware workloads to the cloud and leverage open technologies to modernize their business operations.” Read More.


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