Microsoft Issues 9 Critical Security Patches, GitLab widens roadmap, and Inside Microsoft and Google Cloud’s battle for the enterprise. This and more for your week in CloudTalk. 

Microsoft Azure News

• At the Microsoft Government Leaders Summit, the company unveiled a 10-pound, ruggedized version of its Azure Data Box Edge. Read More.

• Microsoft Furthers Azure Cloud Innovation for Public Sector Clients. Read More.

• Microsoft Issues 9 Critical Security Patches. Read More.

Google Cloud News

• Google confirmed to CNBC that it has hired former SAP executive Brigette McInnis-Day to lead Google Cloud’s human resources department. Read More.

AWS News

• How AWS is cracking the public sector cloud market. Read More.

• “The latest addition to Amazon Web Services Inc.’s ever-growing selection of cloud instances is a pair of beefy bare-metal servers aimed at enterprises running SAP SE applications.” Read More.

IBM News

• IBM i On Google Cloud Not GA Yet. Read More.

• IBM’s $33-Billion Bet on Red Hat: The Stakes Are Enormous. Read More.


• Oracle announced today that it plans to hire close to 2,000 new employees worldwide to help grow its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure business. Read More.

• Inside Microsoft and Google Cloud’s battle for the enterprise. Read More.

• GitLab widens roadmap, aims to run over Datadog. Read More.


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