This week in CloudTalk we discuss the importance of a multi-cloud strategy, AWS losing some of your data during an outage, and the future of driving, with IBM. 

Multi-Cloud (is the future)

If there is one thing we understand here at CloudGenera, it’s that the future of cloud is most certainly multi.

CEO, Brian Kelly recently joined Intel’s Chip Chat to discuss what it will take for enterprises to realize success in multi-cloud adoption. CloudGenera fits in the very beginning of this journey and that’s where we prefer to engage. We want to make sure people have a plan for where they are headed before they start the journey. This is a significant challenge, as a lot of organizations in 2018 embraced this sort of cloud first mentality and the thought process was that all apps should move to public cloud. Unlike other modernizations that have happened in IT, cloud is more about the operating model than it is some technology target state. It’s not just about the initial placement, it’s about ongoing analysis of your application portfolio and continuous assessment of when there is a business case to modernize. For full interview: Chip Chat

• Another great article, for a different perspective: Why You May Be Looking at A Multi-Cloud Future

• Even AT&T is jumping on the importance of a  multi-cloud strategy: AT&T on multi-cloud strategy and why it’s important for 5G

Microsoft Azure News

• Elastic has launched Elasticsearch Service on Microsoft Azure. Elastic, who is an open source search and analytics company, state that many of their users already deploy Elasticsearch on Azure and this will deepen the success in their collaboration with Microsoft. As stated in this article, “New Microsoft Azure support facilitates Elastic’s strategic focus to enable customers to adopt the cloud.”

• Azure scores a huge deal with UBS, the world’s largest wealth manager, as it expands into Switzerland. This furthers a big advantage that Microsoft has over the other providers. Read on: CloudWars

Google Cloud News

Google has launched a public beta Managed Service for Microsoft AD.

It was important for Google to support Microsoft Active Directory on its public cloud as a majority of enterprises continue to use the service for managing users and user access. This makes user administration and management easy, as it means there’s no need to map to other user management or access management systems. It’s a great example of how Google is implementing an “embrace to extend” strategy, going the extra mile to make it easier to attract workloads to Google Cloud.

Read more details here.

AWS News

• Some customers lost data during an outage that fried Amazon Web Services’ hardware over Labor Day weekend. Backup generators failed and, “After further attempts to recover these volumes, they were determined to be unrecoverable.” Full article here.

• AWS has drastically reduced pricing for Amazon EFS, in what they’re calling the largest price reduction in AWS Cloud history. Saving customers up to 92% to store and access their files natively in a file system for $0.08/GB per month. More details: Amazon slashes file storage costs on AWS EFS Infrequent Access

IBM News

In an effort to rise in the ranks, IBM is moving into the Automotive sector, launching “IBM IoT Connected Vehicle Insights”. While the future of cars are expected to be self-driving and data-driven, I feel IBM may be ahead of the curve here.Read more: IBM’s Big Billion Bet On Automotive Data Monetization 


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