This week in CloudTalk we highlight new capabilities and reporting inside the CloudGenera platform that will help you visualize the underestimation of technical debt. Big news from DXC, and AWS finally has details around a year old announcement of AWS Outposts. 

Latest Version of CloudGenera Platform

With CloudGenera you can visualize where you have accumulated technical debt inside your application portfolio.

Microsoft Azure News

We’re only a couple weeks into September and Azure has already put out a full season of updates and features. From new regions to new AI capabilities, you can get a full list of updates here.

Google Cloud News

• “Google Cloud is stepping up its enterprise attack on rivals AWS and Microsoft with a major sales restructuring that places thousands of channel partners under its field sales organization.” Full article here.

• Google announces in recent blog post, a New release of Cloud Storage Connector for Hadoop. You can now substitute your traditional Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) with Google Cloud Storage. Read how Google’s Cloud Storage Connector can help you with Hadoop big data workload on InfoQ.

• After last years exposed vulnerability to a Kubernetes cluster, Google has released a beta version of its Shielded GKE Nodes. Read here.

AWS News

• Amazon has announced the general availability of Amazon Quantum Ledger Database. This easy to use QLDB is a high-performance and cryptographically verifiable ledger for applications that need a central, trusted authority to provide a permanent and complete record of transactions across industries like retail, finance, manufacturing, insurance, and human resources. Read more here.

• Last year at re:Invent Amazon announced its AWS Outposts service which seemed to have created a lot of buzz. The day has finally come -details and information about a late 2019 launch date. Read more.  

DXC News: By Jim Graham, Chief Cloud Strategist of CloudGenera
DXC announced the sudden resignation of Mike Lawrie as President and CEO. Lawrie said he will stay on as chairman of the board until the end of the calendar year. His replacement, a former Accenture executive, is Mike Salvino. Read more.

Worth Mentioning: FUJIFILM has an Updated TCO Calculator 

Originally developed in 2017, the new release now features data reference points and calculation options that realistically reflect today’s data storage options. Read full article here.



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