This week in CloudTalk we talk big changes to Oracle’s Data Center count, AWS Elastic Block Store could have Saved Data Loss During the Labor Day Outage, and Easier Container App Deployment with Servish Mesh on Google. 

Microsoft Azure News

• On Tuesday Microsoft announced a preview of Azure Private Link, an option for keeping Azure service connections off the public Internet. Microsoft states:

The ability to consume the SaaS solutions privately within the customer’s own network has been a common request. With Azure Private Link, we’re extending the private connectivity experience to Microsoft partners. This is a very powerful mechanism for Microsoft partners to reach Azure customers. We’re confident that a lot of future Azure Marketplace offerings will be made through Azure Private Link. 

Azure Private Link explained here.

• A new premier tier for Azure Files, announced in June, now has new features and enhancements.

Google Cloud News

• In support of Binary Authorization, Google releases Black Duck.

• More automation and easier deployment of container applications promised with Service Mesh added to Anthos.

AWS News

• AWS now lets you automatically replicate Data uploads in the same region. Read more.

• Amazon’s Labor Day outage resulted in some customers losing production data. Cloud issue, or user error? Read more on AWS Elastic Block Store

Oracle, VMware Agree on Deal: By Jim Graham, Chief Cloud Strategist of CloudGenera

Oracle and VMware on Monday announced a deal designed to resolve years of tension over how Oracle handles technical support for VMware users and make it easier for them to move to Oracle’s cloud computing service. 

Read more.

Oracle to Open a New Data Center Region every 23 Days

To better compete, and possibly rise above cloud competitors, Oracle is investing big in expansion.

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