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Intel Migration Advisor by CloudGenera


Initial migration to the cloud is sometimes accomplished without sufficient planning. The pandemic significantly increased cloud migrations. Enterprises continue to appreciate the cloud’s agility and scalability but also continue to face high monthly cloud bills.

Visualizing costs, optimizing spend, and reducing wasted dollars are top priorities, especially in the wake of a slowing economy. Once workloads are in place, they keep growing and multiplying; eventually finding that the number and complexity of instances become unmanageable, resulting in suboptimal performance and lack of cost control.

Analyzing the scope of cloud operations is also challenging. These organizational issues can be addressed upfront with the Intel® Migration Advisor by CloudGenera by automatically capturing and cataloging information about applications. All aspects of the enterprise’s cloud migration plan is analyzed by the vendor-neutral cloud management solution, working across CSPs and including on-premises and off-site data centers.

The CloudGenera platform develops a scorecard-based report recommending workload placements and optimal configurations, resulting in a migration plan and business case that are data-driven. The report is generated in minutes, rather than months recommending workload placements and optimal configurations.

The Intel® Migration Advisor by CloudGenera helps organizations choose the best-fitting hosts and instances for their workloads while providing visibility and control over cloud spending. As organizations continue to migrate more workloads, applications, and services to the cloud, they can save time, money, and resources at scale when they rely on accurate, comprehensive analysis and guidance from Intel Migration Advisor by CloudGenera.

Intel® and CloudGenera are offering access to their joint Intel® Migration Optimizer Initiative to select organizations for a 30-day pilot, funded by Intel®.

Predictive Analytics for Optimization

CloudGenera’s workload placement engine can be deployed before, during, and after a cloud migration to audit the process and recommend price/performance improvements.

  • Assess Workload Requirements
  • Search Database of CSP Instances
  • Discover the Best Fit
  • Scorecard and TCO Analysis
  • Revisit Evolving Needs

Assess Workload Requirements

Intel Migration Advisor by CloudGenera deploys AI algorithms to predict optimizations by simulating migration scenarios. The optimizations can draw on the organization’s policies or industry best practices to develop business cases that meet current needs and predict future use. Without Intel Migration Advisor by CloudGenera, this step could take weeks or even months, delaying cloud implementations and incurring opportunity costs as well as labor expenses and consulting fees.

Search Database of CSP Instances

The CloudGenera data service aggregates and integrates CSP data continuously to capture changes in cloud service offerings, instances, and the underlying hardware. Without Intel Migration Advisor by CloudGenera, organizations might choose an older instance that does not meet their needs. However, CloudGenera customers often find they save money over the long term by choosing the newest instances based on the latest generation of high-performance servers.

Discover the Best Fit

The CloudGenera solution analyzes the available offerings and matches solutions to the organization’s business needs as well as the technical requirements of the workloads and applications. Evaluations that would take weeks—or months—of consultations and complex spreadsheets are accomplished in minutes, preventing “analysis paralysis.”

Scorecard and TCO Analysis

CloudGenera provides reports with visual scorecards to help the organization’s leaders and FinOps teams understand the business case and necessary investments, including costs, benefits, and expected payback period. The scorecards can be incorporated into a proposal to an organization’s leadership team as an explanation of migration choices as well as to ensure buy-in.

Revisit Evolving Needs

Intel Migration Advisor by CloudGenera can be used periodically to reevaluate workload placement choices and optimizations as the organization’s needs evolve and new cloud services become available.

CloudGenera customers are realizing a 75% reduction in time to make decisions [on workload placement] and those decisions typically reduce a customer’s total cost of ownership by up to 30%.

Brian Kelly, Founder and CEO, CloudGenera

Qualify to be a selected organization for Intel® Migration Advisor by CloudGenera for a 30-day pilot, funded by Intel®.

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