Power & Energy - Cloud Infrastructure Case Study

CloudGenera helps national energy provider to determine the optimal workload placements for their SQL databases in the cloud

Clients struggle to determine the proper use cases and application workload profiles for cloud database deployments. They need help
weighing the options and making data-driven decisions.

Use Case:

This national energy company faced a large-scale hardware refresh and licensing renewal cycle and needed to assess all Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to build a business case for cloud migration or on-prem investment. They leveraged CloudGenera’s platform to assess over 650 on-prem SQL deployments to determine if there was an opportunity to reduce cost by migrating to the cloud. In addition to cost savings, the client prioritized adopting PaaS solutions and eliminating technical debt as motivators for cloud migration.

Business Outcomes:

The CloudGenera analytics engine generated executive reporting dashboards used to identify priority move groups based on positive ROI, addressing technical debt and cloud readiness for migration.  

CloudGenera’s CloudAssist assessed all major public CSP’s catalogs and identified the best-fit instance mappings. Transformation models were generated for PaaS migrations, Bring Your Own License (BYOL) solutions, development/testing environment options, and right-sizing opportunities.

In under one month, all 650 SQL deployments were assessed. The client had conviction and direction in their cloud adoption strategy; empowered with data-driven marketplace analysis for their vendors to begin execution.

Quote from Application Developer:

“Prior to leveraging the CloudGenera platform, our development team was at odds with our operations team.  We needed flexibility and time to availability for development environments that they could not offer and lacked awareness of their internal cloud capabilities.  With CloudGenera, we were able to find the right mix of on-premise and off-premise services for our applications.  CloudGenera helped make our application selection and decision-making process better. ” 

Frank ~ Application Developer

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