We are the Cloud Brokerage Enablement Platform
Our decision analytics help businesses of all sizes select cloud solutions, establish governance around cloud usage and drive adoption of cloud strategy.

Generate Demand for IT Services

CloudDemand™ enables you to generate demand and capture leads for cloud using the power of CloudGenera's CloudRank™ decision engine.

Enhance your marketing presence with the ability to generate meaningful technology usage recommendations on-the-fly from either a web portal or a mobile device.

Model Application Use Cases

CloudAssist™ enables you to model and map application requirements into candidates and scenarios for technology deployment.

Capture the financial, SLA, security, technology, user demographic requirements of an application portfolio through visual modeling tools, bulk upload utilities and restful API endpoints.

Define IT Service Catalogs

CloudAdopt™ enables you to define multi-cloud service catalogs that include managed services, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS offerings.

Build your own custom service catalogs or add your services and pricing to the 100+ catalogs managed by CloudGenera’s CloudResearch through visual modeling tools, bulk upload utilities and restful API endpoints.

Automate Optimization Analysis

DesignAdvisor™ enables you to automate migration planning and deployment optimization through a programmable rules engine.

Continually optimize your technology spend through automation and machine learning methods which ensure existing deployments are operating in the best execution venue.

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