Credit Union - Cloud Infrastructure Case Study

CloudGenera helped the Credit Union understand options to modernize key applications, while meeting goal of remaining agnostic across products, vendors and deployment models.

SECU needed a partner to help them understand options to modernize key applications. Their partner needed to be agnostic across products, vendors, and deployment models.

Use Case

CloudGenera helped SECU understand the pros, cons, and true TCO of a cloud operating model as well as where to apply those within their business. The tech industry commonly highlights use cases that are the extremes of All-Cloud or No-cloud.  On the other hand, the credit union embraced a balanced strategy of applying cloud to outsource non-differentiated services. CloudGenera’s expertise and analytics provided a framework to evaluate vendor solutions and understand the unintended consequences of innovation. The credit union’s charter was to modernize key applications to improve customer outcomes and streamline ROI. 

The credit union  and CloudGenera agree that “everything new isn’t good and everything old isn’t bad.”

Quote from Credit Union:

CloudGenera knows the market but they also bring a willingness to listen & learn about your business. They are a worthy partner if you are truly seeking insight about what to do not just advice on what to buy. I recommend that you engage their team if you want a partner to help you navigate the overwhelming technology options in the market today. “

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