Fortune 500 Energy Company - Cloud Infrastructure Case Study

This multinational, multi-facility organization grew organically with little or no centralized IT control, ending up with three separate cloud approaches being implemented in different facilities.

Energy Company Use Case

This energy company sought help with consolidation and to rationalize lifting and shifting to a single data center from dozens of remote data centers into one of the three existing clouds. There were over 600 different applications, many existing in different environments – development, production, etc., and 1,300 different cloud service options across the three clouds.

The client’s technology vendor had to decide which applications would move to the new cloud, including which could move as-is and which had to be changed. That meant capturing and cataloging each application: 

  • Configuration
  • Service Level
  • Compliance with privacy and other regulations
  • User Demographics
  • Application Purpose
  • Total Cost of Ownership

Business Outcomes:

CloudGenera was called to determine how Line of Business services would be delivered and priced because timeframes were an issue.

CloudGenera’s solutions slashed the time needed to collect configuration, compliance, and pricing information. That meant getting the information needed to make accurate decisions in 48 hours instead of months.

CloudAssist provided a detailed report on each application that identified which applications should make their way to the new cloud according to a scorecard that listed TCO and other critical factors. CloudAssist also showed exactly how each application should be configured for maximum efficiency and results.

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