Healthcare - Cloud Infrastructure Case Study

CloudGenera's Healthcare client wanted real data as proof that cloud would work for their business and their applications.

Use Case

They have a spirit of innovation extending to their technology philosophy, committed to learning more about the cloud arena. They brought in a technology vendor to discuss cloud options. The presentation elicited a lot of enthusiasm from the IT team, who wanted to move forward quickly. However, the Line of Business  (LOB) side of the house had major concerns about the potential risks involved. While they appreciated the benefits that the cloud could deliver, they wanted real data to show them that the cloud would work for their business and their applications. That’s when CloudGenera became involved. 

Business Outcomes

CloudGenera was able to convince the various stakeholders that collaboration was the key to cloud success.  The client’s team was assembled and addressed the needs of each area ensuring all parties felt they had an equal seat at the table. CloudAssist, CloudGenera’s cloud application analytics engine, was used to qualify an application that had been selected by the LOB. It was determined that it was completely appropriate to move this particular application to the cloud.

Complex analyses that used to take weeks or months were done in minutes. The complex decision-making process was made simpler even with an expanded toolset, defining which cloud approach was best suited for the client. 

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