Hospitality Enterprise - Cloud Infrastructure Case Study

CloudGenera helps hospitality organization determine the right mix of on premise and off premise cloud

Clients are struggling to determine the right use cases and application workload profiles for cloud deployment.  They need help weighing the options and making data-driven decisions.

Use Case:

Client leveraged CloudGenera platform to look at the lifecycle of a business critical application they intended to migrate to cloud.

The developers wanted to deploy the entire application life cycle in a public cloud provider, the operations team wanted to deploy the application life cycle on premise, and the CIO wanted to balance the business’ need for agility with the need for low risk.

Business Outcomes:

  • CloudGenera reporting helped develop the business case for a hybrid cloud deployment model for the application.  
  • DevOps would be run in a public provider to offer the agility that the business was looking for while production would be deployed on premise to ensure the security and service level needs of the business were addressed.
  • CloudGenera delivered a data-driven decision framework that will allow for a prescriptive and repeatable execution venue selection process moving forward.


Quote from Application Developer:

“Prior to leveraging the CloudGenera platform, our development team was at odds with our operations team.  We needed flexibility and time to availability for development environments that they could not offer and lacked awareness of their internal cloud capabilities.  With CloudGenera, we were able to find the right mix of on-premise and off-premise services for our applications.  CloudGenera helped make our application selection and decision-making process better. ” 

Frank ~ Application Developer

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