How to Create Cloud Optimization Strategies for Your Clients’ Workloads

Cloud Optimization Strategy

Cloud Optimization Strategy Webinar

Cloud Optimization Strategies are essential to identify mismanaged resources and right sizing computing services and costs.

If you struggle finding a vendor agnostic, data driven, cost effective approach for moving applications to the cloud, or aren’t getting the savings or performance you were promised you are not alone.  There are literally millions of cost, configuration, security, and performance data points to be analyzed and aggregated for every decision you make. And every one of them comes with dollar signs attached.


  • Change is critical. Can you accurately predict the cost of those changes?
  • Do you have the conviction that you understand the unit economics for your applications?
  • Can you accurately evaluate migrating or transforming your applications?
  • Vendor cloud spend commitments can generate considerable savings. Do you have the ability to compare the cost of services across providers to maximize your discounts? 

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