CloudTalk | Week of 2.26.2021

CloudGenera Cloud Talk

Microsoft is urging customers to embrace the cloud for security and Intel is teaming up with Google Cloud to accelerate 5G deployment across multiple network and edge locations.

CloudTalk | Week of 11.20.2020

AWS Announces New s3 Intelligent-Tiering Archive Access Tiers, and Ibm Makes It Easier for Clients to Use Public Cloud Services.

CloudTalk | Week of 10.23.2020

Microsoft is working on using holograms in crystals to store data at unprecedented scale, and Google reveals it was hit by 2.5Tbps DDoS.

CloudTalk | Week of 10.16.2020

IBM Divides Into Two Companies To Focus on Cloud and AI and Google’s Functions-as-a-Service offering announces new capabilities.

CloudTalk | Week of 10.02.2020


AWS makes S3 on Outposts available for use ‘just like in the cloud’ and Microsoft Azure starts ‘new chapter’ in 5G engagement.

CloudGenera Free Advisory Program

CloudGenera has partnered with Intel to offer IT teams the opportunity to model workloads in the cloud for a defined period of time with all costs defrayed by Intel.

CloudTalk | Week of 8.17.2020

Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Debuts on AWS
and Microsoft Azure Adds A100 GPU Instances for ‘Supercomputer-Class AI’ in the Cloud.

CloudTalk | Week of 8.10.2020

AWS Releases Amazon Fraud Detector into General Availability and IBM targets ‘hybrid cloud’ growth with $1B investment fund. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Amazon Web Services AWS Releases Amazon Fraud Detector into General Availability Read more Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Now Available on Amazon Web Services Read more Google Crypto Expert […]