Navigating the Complexities of Cloud

The term “Cloud” has taken nearly every industry by storm as cloud providers have been ramping up, providing a wider and wider range of services over the years. Cloud computing offers the promise of efficiency, agility, productivity and IT cost reduction. However, as with most major technology shifts, the quickly evolving landscape comes with a lot of uncertainties and an overwhelming amount of choice.

CloudTalk | Week of 3.26.2021

CloudGenera CloudTalk

CloudTalk is your weekly roundup of the least you need to know about cloud. CloudGenera is continually focused on delivering insight into the emerging trends, patterns, and innovations which impact technology decision-makers.

CloudTalk | Week of 3.19.2021

CloudTalk Microsoft azure

Why regional cloud hosting matters, and Azure Arc becomes the foundation for Microsoft’s hybrid and multi-cloud strategy

CloudTalk | Week of 2.26.2021

CloudGenera Cloud Talk

Microsoft is urging customers to embrace the cloud for security and Intel is teaming up with Google Cloud to accelerate 5G deployment across multiple network and edge locations.

CloudTalk | Week of 11.20.2020

AWS Announces New s3 Intelligent-Tiering Archive Access Tiers, and Ibm Makes It Easier for Clients to Use Public Cloud Services.

CloudTalk | Week of 10.23.2020

Microsoft is working on using holograms in crystals to store data at unprecedented scale, and Google reveals it was hit by 2.5Tbps DDoS.

CloudTalk | Week of 10.16.2020

IBM Divides Into Two Companies To Focus on Cloud and AI and Google’s Functions-as-a-Service offering announces new capabilities.

CloudTalk | Week of 10.02.2020


AWS makes S3 on Outposts available for use ‘just like in the cloud’ and Microsoft Azure starts ‘new chapter’ in 5G engagement.