About CloudGenera

Innovative solutions to help you best leverage your cloud investment and optimize your cloud resources

IT Decisions Delivered as a Service

CloudGenera supplies vendor-agnostic IT analytics that arm organizations with the business cases needed to optimize their technology spend. CloudGenera’s proprietary algorithms automate application migration and modernization decisions. Leveraging comprehensive AI and machine learning technologies, the CloudGenera platform does in minutes, what would take humans months. 

Our Company History

CloudGenera was founded in December 2012. With collective decades of experience at powerhouses such as BEA, VMware and Salesforce, the founders experienced firsthand how companies of all sizes were struggling to adopt cloud computing, despite the clear advantages such technology can bring to an organization. They set out on a journey to create a company that could eliminate the barriers to adopting cloud computing.

You can hire smart people anywhere. What differentiates our smart people from other smart people is that we’re powered by technology and insight that they don’t have access to. That’s why CloudGenera.

Kevin Ledford

CloudGenera COO

Our People & Culture

Superheroes doing super things