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"CloudGenera's solution has revolutionized our approach to cloud billing management. It has empowered us to promptly invoice both internal and external cloud customers, while predicting future costs with remarkable accuracy."
Mark Thomas | MRO Corp
Chief Technology Officer

Optimizing Cloud Spend with CloudGenera's Cloud Billing Show Back and Forecast

MRO Corporation, a prominent player in the healthcare industry, heavily relies on cloud services for its operations. As cloud adoption increased, so did the challenges associated with managing cloud spending effectively.



Lack of visibility

This lack of visibility into cloud billing can hinder proactive and effective cost management and optimization strategies


Inability to track against budget/commitment effectively

The inability to track cloud expenses against budgetary commitments effectively can lead to overspending and budgetary challenges


Aligning the cost of cloud to revenue, profitability or revenue influence

Aligning the cost of cloud services to revenue, profitability, or revenue influence is crucial for ensuring that cloud investments contribute positively to the organization's financial objectives


Difficulty in predicting and aligning expenses with budgetary commitments

Difficulty in predicting and aligning expenses with budgetary commitments is a common challenge faced by organizations when managing cloud costs


Limited understanding of Cloud spend commitments and their utilization

Understanding Cloud spend commitments and effectively utilizing them requires clarity on various aspects of Cloud pricing models and commitment options

The Solution Implemented

Recognizing the need for a robust cloud billing management solution, MRO Corporation turned to CloudGenera’s FinOps offering. This solution provided comprehensive features to address their challenges effectively.

Key Benefits

The Results
CloudGenera's FinOps offering has been instrumental in transforming MRO Corporation's cloud billing management processes. By leveraging this solution, MRO has gained control over its cloud expenditure, optimized costs, and maximized the value of its cloud investments.

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