Workload Placement Decision Engine

Improve current operations; predict future needs.

The industry’s best-in-class workload placement decision engine.

CloudGenera workload placement analytics deliver one solution to discover what you're doing today, decide the best path forward, and do more with accurate recommendations to optimize the business. With actionable insights and vendor agnostic recommendations, you'll understand where your workloads should go, when there is a need to modernize, and predict your future needs on-premises or in cloud.

Discover. Decide. Do.

Discover the assets you use today

Application Discovery creates a holistic view of your current technology portfolio, inclusive of the technology you use, the cost associated, and qualitative attributes like service level and security needs.

Decide what investments you should make

Predictive Analytics provide optimization recommendations to lower costs, reduce risks, and enhance service for your business. Automate relicense, resize, rehost, refactor, replatform, rewrite, retire, and replace decisions.

Do more with maximum clarity

Application Scorecards delivered through portals or APIs are leveraged to automate and orchestrate moving from decisions, to provisioning those actions.

Cloud Is a Journey, Not a Destination

CloudGenera is the guide.

Save Time

Enable better application workload placement through the industry’s best-in-class workload placement decision engine. The CloudGenera platform provides a portal and data service that automates cloud deployment decisions, providing opportunities for change in minutes, not months.

Reduce Spend

Continually optimize your technology spend through AI and machine learning algorithms. The CloudGenera platform provides visualization of both the capital expenditures, as well as the operating expenditures associated with the business. Learn where your spend is coming from, and unlike other IT financial management tools, CloudGenera enables you to map spend to individual applications.

Lower Risk

A completely customizable way to visualize the value of your applications and the strategy for those applications moving forward. Unlike manual methods or vendor biased ROI calculators, CloudGenera delivers agnostic and unbiased recommendations for maximizing the value you receive out of your technology investments in public, private or hybrid operating models.

Market Research

Global Multi-Cloud Marketplace

We stay current on the market so you don’t have to. This includes aggregation of real-time cloud provider capabilities including supplier IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS offerings, with available service level, security, and technology with associated cost. You can also customize and create custom service catalogs to provide the ability to compare the continuum of IT operating models from datacenter to cloud, side by side.

real-time cloud provider capabilities
Application workload analytics


Predictive Optimization Analytics

AI algorithms predict optimizations by simulating application transformation scenarios according to either your organization’s policy, or industry best practices. Generate business cases to optimize spend, eliminate technical debt, and enhance security. CloudGenera scorecards are the only solution in the market that help you visualize the business case for change, outlining the investments required, the benefits of those investments, and the payback period to achieve a positive return on those investments. 

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