Gain Control of Your Cloud Spend: Analyze and Forecast Your Cloud Billing Data

Real-time Insights Into Your Organization’s Cloud Usage and Costs with Cloud Billing Show Back and Forecast

Cloud Billing Show Back and Forecast


Cloud Billing Show Back and Forecast

Observability: Cloud Bill Clarity

Allocate dedicated and shared costs to different groups or departments within an organization to accurately show back prior consumption  

Predictability: Current Month Cost Forecast

Visualize expected current month expenses to enable proactive invoices and show back for cloud expenditures 

Efficiency: Optimize Future Budget

Forecast ongoing growth of cloud expenses to better align budgets and cloud provider commitments with expect cloud consumtion  

Optimize Future Cloud Spend

Achieve Greater Observability, Predictability and Efficiency in Your Cloud Spend

Optimize Your Cloud Spend Commitment, Powered by CloudGenera Cloud FinOps Reporting and Planning Solutions

Report current shared and dedicated expenses – forecast future spending by project

Spend Analysis

Predict future cloud spend with confidence utilizing CloudGenera’s observability product to analyze historical spend trends and visualize projected growth from new cloud projects to ensure alignment with established cloud budgets and cloud service provider commitments

Budget Optimization

Utilize CloudGenera’s planning product to identify actions that can better align projected cloud expenses with cloud budgets and cloud service provider commitments. Accelerate decisions to reduce costs when over budget and efficiently grow cloud usage when under budget.

Contract Negotiation

Get the best pricing for your future cloud spend by engaging CloudGenera’s advisory services to negotiate better discounts and contractual terms with your cloud service providers utilizing the data and insights generated from implementing CloudGenera’s observability and planning products.

Cloud Cost Transparency Made Easy

Comprehensive and actionable insights enable you to make informed decisions about cloud pricing and consumption. Get started today.